Prime 2954 Schedule

Schedule for June 1st 2024. Tentative and subject to change, should be accurate day of. 

9:30AM - Registration Opens

9:45AM - Citizens Greeting + Giveaway

10:15AM - Space Tomato live from Turkey

10:30AM - Salvage Tandem Race Event
by Vanguard

10:45AM - What is new at JRDF

11:30AM - Community Class - CCU Chaining

12:00PM - Spot Interviews

12:15PM - Community Class - Building Tools for a Massive Universe


1:45PM - Blitzbox Event
by Vanguard

2:15PM - Getting to know STARJUMP

3:00PM - Community Class - Cmdr Tenna Racing

3:30PM - Spot Interviews

3:45PM - Community Class - Navigation and Helmsmanship

4:45PM - Amazing Race Event
by Vanguard

5:15PM - Universally Famous EQNX Trivia!

6:45PM - 890 Jump Bar Brawl Event
By Vanguard

8:15PM - Closing Remarks + MANY GIVEAWAYS

9:00PM - Main Event End

9:00PM - VIP Party Begins in the Space Wing - Onsite 2nd Floor

10:00PM - VIP Party Planetarium Show

12:00AM - VIP Party End

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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