About the Equinox 2953 Challenge Coin

This is the second edition of the Equinox Challenge Coin all Citizens who attended received.

The EQNX logo is bolden on the front overlaying the iconic Polaris corvette signifying the North Star or the only star to be visible at both equinox on planet Earth while in Columbus Ohio. The many stars that surround it are YOU, the Citizens who come from near and far to join us every year. On the back the state of Ohio with the center star marking Columbus, the location of the 2953 event. Finally the saying we have taken as our own, 'Citizens United', because this event is about YOU and the amazing things you bring to share together when we united at such an event!

Thank you again to all who came and made this event special!


The EQNX Team

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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