Equinox 2953

June 3rd 2023 marked the third official Equinox! We grew again to over 125 Citizens in attendance, with Citizens jumping from over 21 states and 2 countries. This was also the second event we held at a dedicated and rather bespoke location, Game Arena.We enjoyed a day full of events both in and ut of game, vendors and booths from JRDF/Starfab, Game Touch Controller, Dr. Contrast and Esports Gear. We gave away more than 50 unique giveaways from ships to custom created community items as well as prizes for the event winners. Shad0Corp would like to thank all who attended, it is YOU the Citizens that make this event and we enjoy seeing you every year!

Shad0Corp would like to thank…
- Thank you Cloud Imperium Games for being a part of our event
- Keeping it all on the rails - Victura, Kattgoddes, Mog
- Art and Design - Pixel8, Hasgaha
- Social Media - Kattgoddes, Pico :)
- Partners - JRDFStarFab, Game Touch Controller and Dr. Contrast
- Lego Models - Stratobrick
- Interview - Seggellion
- Jerseys, Shirts, Mouse Pads, MSR Blanket, etc - Tommy W @ EsportsGear
- Custom Badges - IzzyCrazy8
- Custom Made Prizes and Artwork - Kattgoddes, Victura
- Photography - 
- Videography - Earl Carlton @ ESC AV
- LAN Party and Facility Management - Austin and the Game Arena team
- Best Bar and Games Ever - DJ @ Level One
- ...and finally to YOU who came, yet again YOU made this event truly amazing!

Equinox 2953 After Party Video!

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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