Equinox Fall 2952

October 8th 2022 marked the second official Equinox! We tripled in size to 94 Citizens in attendance, with Citizens jumping from over 23 states and 2 countries. This was also the first event we held at a dedicated and rather bespoke location, Game Arena.

Shad0Corp would like to thank…
- Keeping it all on the rails - Victura, Pixel8, Kattgoddes, Mogelbear
- Art and Design - Pixel8, Hasgaha
- Social Media - Kattgoddes, Pico :)
- Partners - JRDF and StarFab
- Lego Models - Stratobrick
- Event MC - Enderprize
- Jerseys, Mouse Pads, Flags, Swag Bags, etc - Tommy W @ EsportsGear
- Custom Badges - IzzyCrazy8, Tubbs33
- Custom Artwork - Dr. Contrast, Victura
- Photography - KAM Photography
- Videography - Earl Carlton @ ESC AV, Aaron Talib
- LAN Party and Facility Management - Austin and the Game Arena team
- Best Bar and Games Ever - DJ @ Level One
- ...and to YOU who came, YOU made this event truly amazing!

Equinox Fall 2952 After Party Video!

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