About the Equinox 2952 Challenge Coin

By attending EQNX you’ve proven to be a trail blazer and brave the unknown in search of great experiences. Continue the good fortune by having this lucky EQNX challenge coin in your possession. Whether it’s your next adventure in the ‘verse or traveling to another EQNX event, we wish you all the best in every journey!

Inspired by the twice annual event, the EQNX challenge coin commemorates the friends and fun we’ve made along the way in our favorite space game. EQNX would not have been the same without a little luck and your community involvement. Thank YOU for helping to make our goal of “CITIZENS UNITED” become reality.


The EQNX Team

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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