Prime 2954 Events

Tentative and subject to change, should be accurate day of.

Salvage Tandem Race

Outline: 4 person teams work together to bring a Hammerhead from 100% to red on all parts before breaking and disintegrating the ship in a 10 minute time frame.  Winner is the team that collects the most RMC and CM in the allotted time.

(What the judge is looking for is 10-min time with the most collected from EACH amount. The average time to break and disintegrate is 1 min 30 seconds.)

-Teams will be provided a Reclaimer and Vulture with A Grade parts and Abrades on all salvage nodes
-Teams will compete at the same time or in tandem depending on number of signups
-Hammerheads will be provided or given with a mission.
-A Judge (BigNos) will be onboard each ship to determine success.
-Each team gets 10 minutes for their disintegration
-Winner is the team with the most SCU

Menu Invitation Time: 10:15 AM (Be in Invitation Channel)
Launch Time: 10:45 AM
Star Location: Port Tressler


Outline: A football field is setup on the mustache of Microtech, a 40x100m field. Two teams on the field will wear two different colored uniforms. When they move a box across the endzone it is considered a touchdown. Teams will be 3-5 players. The ball will consist of a 4 SCU crate.

-Teams may throw or pick up and carry the ball.
-Defenders may use take downs (middle mouse wheel click)
-Teams start on the 50m line.
-End of play occurs when a team scores a touchdown
-Rounds are 2 halves, 15 minutes each or first to 5 points.
-Penalties: Player killed, lost ball, out of bounds, or cheating reset the game at the 50m line

Menu Invitation Time: 1:30 PM (Be in Invitation Channel)
Launch Time: 2:00 PM
Star Location: Port Tressler

Amazing Race: Stanton Edition

Outline: The amazing Race Returns. Teams of two players aboard a single ship may compete. Teams will be given written directions at the beginning of the event. Teams must complete all requirements in the list including sending in game selfies holding specific items in specific places.

-No attacking other players
-Rubbing is racing, but play fair

Menu Invitation Time: 4:30 PM (Be in Invitation Channel)
Launch Time: 5:00 PM
Star Location: Port Tressler (Bar in Galleria)

890 Jump Bar Brawl

Outline: Get drunk and fight to the last man standing on the 890 Jump. Set your spawn point on the 890 Jump and meet at the rally point for each round. Remember, this isn't just a game, "its a War". The last player conscious wins. Be assured that your organs won't go to waste. Pre Round Etiquette: Classic music should be played while players make small conversation at the rally point, it gives the illusion of respect for one's opponents (5 minutes). After the five minutes of small talk, players should commence with fierce dancing, violent movement and Maori war shouts over VOIP.

-Everyone may split into discord channels as they please.
-No Teams.
-Cheating is a big part of this game, its tolerated and accepted, but there are penalties for getting caught.
-Do not enter the 890j cockpit (you will be shot by the hosts).
-There are no other rules.

Menu Invitation Time: 6:30 PM (Be in Invitation Channel)
Launch Time: 7:00 PM
Star Location: Port Tressler

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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