Booth and Vendor Application

Are you a Star Citizen creator? Part of an awesome Organization? Build something that makes the community epic? Or just want to show off something amazing you do in the Verse? WE WANT YOU! 

Register for a booth and become a critical part of what our attendees want to see!

Call for Classes

We're excited to invite enthusiasts and experts alike to share their insights and knowledge at our upcoming event!

Whether your expertise lies in dogfighting tactics, mastering the art of mining, optimizing hauling routes, or navigating the complexities of commerce, we want to hear from you! Share your experiences, strategies, and tips that can help fellow citizens thrive in the diverse gameplay loops of Star Citizen.

As a thank you from the EQNX team, speakers will receive a $50 RSI gift card and a VIP afterparty ticket for being a speaker!

Streamer Signup

Join Equinox Prime 2954 as a content creator. Showcase your creativity, engage with a passionate community, and expand your audience through exciting in-game events, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Don't miss out on this unique chance to elevate your content and connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the globe!

Partnership Opportunities

Position your brand at the forefront of the Star Citizen community by becoming a Sponsor at Equinox 2024. Gain direct access to a diverse audience of enthusiasts eager to explore new products and services related to gaming and technology. Maximize your visibility, generate leads, and forge lasting partnerships in an immersive and engaging environment tailored to the interests of the Star Citizen universe.

All EQNX Events are not for profit, all income goes towards the events, thank you for your support!

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